GYAKORLÓ VEZETÉS BUDAPESTEN Jogosítvánnyal rendelkezőknek

  • Our trainig program is focused on inexperienced drivers who are valid driving licence holders.
  • As requested we offer pick-up service as well, that is starting at a preferred location of your choice.
  • If you happen to live in the countryside and feel unconfortable in the heavy traffic of Budapest, we are at your service.
  • We can tailor the lessons to your particular needs, driving at the location where you live, or setting up a meeting somewhere in the city.
  • By prior arrangement we can remedy any special problems you might have.
  • After the first couple of lessons, if the driving goes well we can switch to your personal car to boost confidence when driving alone. Ideally we shall be driving on routes used by you frequently (e.g., between your home and workplace).
  • You might as well be paying a visit to relatives in the country during lessons.
  • Mothers can attend driving sessions accompanied by their baby, do the shopping or make arrangements during the course of the driving lesson.
  • We also provide driving lessons in English and German. You can find the details under the ’Contact’ headline.