GYAKORLÓ VEZETÉS BUDAPESTEN Jogosítvánnyal rendelkezőknek

Ever since my childhood I have been very passionate about cars and driving, no wonder that at the first opportunity I acquired a driving licence for car, followed by truck, and last but not least for motorcycle. As I was driving a lot in my work I couldn’t help but notice the numerous bad drivers and the countless accidents caused by the lack of experience and practice. A couple of years ago I reached a turning point in my life: I had to change, that’s when I decided to make my passion into a profession, to become a driving instructor.By the year 2003 I obtained the necessary qualification and started to work as an Approved Driving Instructor. This is a dream come true. As time passed by I had a great many pupils but my goal remained the same: the training of future to be skilled, confident and safe drivers. In the course of my work a fundamental problem revealed itself: everybody wants to get the driving licence as soon as possible, therefore lot of people find themselves on the road without having enough experience vital for safe driving. Another typical case that came to my attention is as follows: let’s say John Doe obtained a driving licence way back in the past but hasn’t been driving for many years due to financial or various other reasons. Both of these cases result in tremendous effort, shaky driving and unfortunately this could lead to accidents. Let’s keep in mind that driving a car is not a game, if taken frivolously one could easily end up playing with precious human lives and a very expensive toy to repair. The costs of even a minor car accident could easily exceed 50.000 HUF, not to mention the possible psychic harm and physical injuries caused by a motor vehicle collision thanks to inexperienced and timid driving.

Me and my team are truly dedicated to help those either lacking experience or not feeling confident enough to grab the steering wheel and hit the road in good heart.